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Arizona-Nutritionist has partnered with 10X Health to provide comprehensive Genetic Testing for the MTFHR mutation and high-quality supplements formulated to support healthy methylation.

Many supplements on the market today are synthetic, including B12 cyanocobalamin, derived from cyanide the same substance used in chemical weapons. However, folic acid is not derived from cyanide. Instead, it's commonly synthesized in laboratories.


While some may argue for the safety of synthetic supplements, why not choose the natural forms instead? Opting for methyl folate and Methylcobalamin B12 ensures your body receives readily usable forms of these nutrients.

Methylcobalamin functions as a ready-to-use coenzyme form, eliminating the need for conversion by the body. The same applies to methyl folate. With approximately 44% of the population affected by the MTFHR gene mutation, it becomes challenging for their bodies to perform this conversion, potentially leading to nutrient deficiencies.


Selecting the appropriate form of supplements is essential, particularly if you're uncertain about falling into the 44% category affected by this gene mutation, where conversion is impaired.

With 10X Health Supplements, you can trust that you're receiving the correct forms your body can readily utilize, irrespective of the MTFHR gene mutation.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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